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Welcome. The Awen Health Centre was created in 2008 by Dr. Keith Condliffe, N.D. (Naturopathic Doctor). And yes, that photo is from that time (new one coming). In 2019, the clinic relocated from Vancouver to Comox on Vancouver Island.

At Awen, the program evolves to support your needs, based on a co-creation between your desires, your inner guidance and your body's bioenergetics.

Keith's inspiration is the regenerative properties of nature. People seek his care and experience to transform their health and feel optimally supported on their path.

Health is a force that is always with us. We can be healing from chronic disease or experiencing peak health. In every situation, we invite our full healing force forward by tapping into our body wisdom and walking towards our true Nature.
  • Why we do what we do
    Awen Health's reason for being is to help individuals and families recharge their self-healing potential. We are here because tuning into our own blockages to healing is difficult. All of us have blind spots, energetic ruts and perhaps a subconscious belief or two that can sabotage even our best efforts. This is why gentle, compassionate guidance and support is so key in any healing relationship. And also why the practitioner’s highest calling is to walk their talk and commit to their own healing work. Our individual journeys in health deepen empathy for the challenges others face and grant us with the resources to hold space for them. So this is what we do, because we can and because it feels right.
  • Ideal Clients
    The Awen Health Centre is for individuals and families who are ready to take their health to the next level. We love working with individuals who recognize the active role they play in creating health, who want to strengthen their own intuition and self-trust, and who will reach out if they have questions or concerns.
  • Family Health
    The family focus centres around supporting growing families and promoting pre-natal, perinatal and childhood health. Children are perfect beings who benefit from optimal support throughout childhood to navigate their immune system development and the unique challenges of our contemporary health climate. Addressing imbalances early encourages optimal health for the whole family.
  • Chronic Disease
    When alignment happens between mind, body and spirit, healing occurs on a deep cellular level. Often 'unknown' causes are revealed when you address the blockages to your own healing. Healing is a process of reconnection with parts unseen and unfelt for a long time, a journey towards self-trust and inner guidance. Holistic treatment does not have to involve a battery of tests. For a list of the conditions that lead people to seek Keith's care, click here.
  • Bioenergetic Medicine
    Dr. Condliffe comes from a medical family and values evidence-based science. Some day medical research may focus more on restoring physiology rather than disease management. And the study of spirit and soul may one day be accepted back into mainstream medical science, reuniting the mind-body dualistic split once and for all. Until then, Keith's professional journey is to blend traditional empirical knowledge, modern science and more subtle bioenergetics in the support of his clients. Practically speaking, Keith makes sure each client understands their healing process on a rational level to support what they are feeling in their bodies.
  • Home Kit
    Acute illness and occasional injury is part of being alive. Most of us have a medicine cupboard for such occasions. Keithd offers education about how to use a home natural medicine kit effectively, so that your body recovers quickly and stays strong. With the right support, the body leverages acute illness(es) to safely clear chronic inflammation, thus strengthening our self-healing capacity. For current clients, the acute care guidance documents are stored in the client area.
  • Working with Nature
    With nature, we nurture wholeness and belonging. Nature whispers "home" in our ears and offers us many lessons: humility, discernment and balance among them. By aligning with nature, we cleanse our bodies and increase our resilience. As we (re)connect with this incredible source of energetic abundance, we activate our self-healing capacity. In this flow state, we embody greater peace and purpose, and (re)energize our heart’s desire to share our gifts within our communities.
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More info about the assessment and treatment approach at Awen Health.