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If you are reading this, I trust you know that my clients mean the world to me. I always wanted to be able to give clients six months advance notice (or more!) of any big change like this. As this all came together over the last month, I realized that sometimes life happens faster than my desire for advanced planning, and it's best not to fight it.

This move is fuelled by twin desires: 1) to learn more directly from nature 2) to raise our children closer to nature. With any change, something must be given up. We are letting go of the physical proximity of wonderful professional, personal and school communities, and the diversity of those communities.

That said, in spite of the physical distance, I am committed to strengthening connections with our wonderful community here through this move. I look forward to drawing upon my nature experiences to positively impact client outcomes and inspire more workshops and courses - both in person and online.

So that's the backstory and the dream.

Now, the logistics:
The last day in the Vancouver clinic is July 31st. The first day in the Comox clinic is August 18th. I will be returning to Vancouver up to 4 times each year and renting clinic space to see clients in person, details to follow. Of course, you are more than welcome to visit the new clinic in Comox (which is currently being renovated). The Comox clinic is an 80 minute drive from the Departure Bay Ferry terminal or a 30 minute flight from Vancouver. The clinic is a 3 minute walk from the float plane dock, or an 8 minute taxi from the Comox airport.

Distance Appointments:
As 15% of my clients already experience, I offer distance appointments and have been for the past eight years. The energetic testing works the same by distance as it does in person.

An adult distance appointment looks like this:
- a check in by phone or video conference
- a full distance scan
- either another call to explain the scan or an audio file sent by email alongside the program suggestions
- free overnight shipping on orders over $200 (this is a new offering, previously shipping was extra)

A note about video conferencing:
In the past, I've used Skype. Recently I've discovered Zoom which seems to have better call quality and a good reputation for security, so I'll be switching over to Zoom.

Here are the steps to set up Zoom:
1) Download Zoom Cloud Meetings onto your phone, tablet, and / or computer. Here is the download link for desktop. For tablets and phones, the download is in the app store.
2) Create an account and go through the steps to login.
3) Let me know by email saying you are all set up. I will send you an invite to connect and then you will see the invite next time you log on to the app. When you accept the invite, we are connected. Alternatively you can invite me by adding [email protected] into your Zoom contacts.

Once connected, I will call you on Zoom at your appointment time and it will ring through to your phone, tablet, and / or computer.

The Awen Health Centre - Comox Address

Suite 102, 1819 Beaufort Avenue
Comox, BC V9M 1R9